First summary of the ICAO Anniversary Session

On 24th September the anniversary session of the ICAO Assembly has started in Montreal. What has happened during these days? What global trends are discussed at the assembly, which brought together a record number of participants?
OCTOBER, 1 / 2019 / 3 MINUTES
Фото вышки в Örnsköldsvik
Innovations and ecology — are the main trends of the current Session.
Twenty-four Transport Ministers attending ICAO’s World Aviation Forum agreed to heighten innovation in the aviation sector as a means to accelerate progress towards the achievement of the United Nations Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Another important subject was urgent action to combat climate change.
«We are fully aware of, and welcome the potential of these technological and regulatory innovations, to significantly accelerate the realization of socio-economic benefits and improve environmental performance through a seamless air transport system,»
— stated the Ministers in a joint Outcome Document.
ICAO Secretary General Dr. Liu also noted that the pace of innovation development and global modernization are accelerating and can affect the world in complex and often unpredictable ways. In this regard, it is extremely important to develop a culture of innovation in each individual country.
«Government policies and practices, however, have often not kept up with the speed of change. Building a culture of innovation must therefore be a top imperative for States today.»
— told Dr. Liu.
It is noted that innovations do not concern only new technologies, but also how the management in this area is carried out.
A number of awards have been held and various agreements have been signed over the past few days. Among them there are: the confirmation of the ICAO and the World Economic Forum cooperation in supporting the sustainable development of aviation and the UN global goals; strengthened cooperation between Brazil and ICAO in the field of airports' operation and management; India awarding with the ICAO Council President’s Certificate for the undertaken efforts to eliminate the deficiencies in safety oversight and to implement the ICAO’s standards and recommended practices; Kazakhstan awarding for high results in the aviation security, etc.
This year, the ICAO Assembly will also have to endorse the ICAO work program for the next three-year period and approve new priorities in the field of civil aviation.
On the eve of the 40th session of the Assembly, ICAO also held a special meeting of the world aviation forum on innovation, as well as an innovation Fair, which was attended by more than 50 companies.
These initiatives emphasize the special importance of new research and development for the aviation security of the future.
«Our industry has survived and achieved prosperity through its ability to adapt to new technologies and the new needs of the global community, and should continue to be able to do so.»
— said President of the ICAO Council Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu.
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