Our aim is to create a media with objective experts' information about modern technologies in the field of air navigation, ATM and UAS.
Air navigation is a conservative industry, but over the past 10 years significant changes have taken place in it. New concepts, designed to improve efficiency and security, new technologies that allow to implement what was previously available only on paper.

In the Sky Review, we aim to promote this trend by highlighting advanced international and Russian experience. We consider it important to talk about perspectives and practice, to show the results obtained.

We work with information from such sources as: icao.int, eurocontrol.int, eurocae.net, sesarju.eu, skyguide.ch, gkovd.ru, ertos.ru, favt.ru, mintrans.ru, dfs.de, faa.gov, aopa.org, lfv.se, airservicesaustralia.com, navcanada.ca, atmmasterplan.eu, nasa.gov and others.
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